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Grayscale Photo of Wrecked Car Parked Outside

Your car is one of your most valuable assets, which is why it is important to ensure that it is always in top-notch condition. Just like any other machine, a vehicle is susceptible to wear and tear and needs repair from time to time.

Severe damage can instantly impair your car, while other types of damages are minor and may not affect its functioning immediately. However, if your car is not fixed in time, there is a real risk of a break down in the near future. 

Here are some of the tell-tale signs that your car may need auto body repair:

Scratches, Dings and Dents

Scratches, dents and dings can happen anywhere, anytime. For instance, they may happen when your car is parked in a parking lot. A deep scratch can damage your car paint and will need to be attended to as soon as possible. 

Dents are unsightly to look at, especially on a car you’ve recently bought. You may be tempted to remove dents yourself, but that is not a good idea as it may result in paint damage. It is best to bring your vehicle here at Mifflinburg Auto Repair because our technicians are skilled in all kinds of auto body repair issues.

Window Damage

Window damage can have multiple causes. Debris, accident, bad quality glass, temperature fluctuations, and improper installation are some of the major reasons behind car window damage.

Although car glass is sturdier than other types of glass, it is still prone to damage. At times, it may be hard to figure out whether a chip or crack can be ignored, needs to be repaired, or requires complete replacement. 

Collision Damage

Collision damage is an obvious sign of auto body repair. In some cases, a collision can lead to more than a minor scratch on the auto body. In case of serious damage, however, we would order the necessary parts required for replacement and may need to dismantle a part of the vehicle to check for any hidden or structural damages.

Disturbed Alignment

If you notice your car pulling in the left or right direction or shaking while driving, it probably needs frame repair and alignment. This may seem like a mechanic’s job, but it, in fact, falls within the ambit of body shop repair.

The frame provides support to the engine, transmission, and other vital car components, which is why it needs to be in good shape. Welding, laser straightening, and other high-tech procedures may be required for frame repair. It is vital to ensure your vehicle’s upkeep for road safety. In order to make your car look good, you can even opt for cosmetic repairs, such as getting a paint touch up or taillights polished. At Mifflinburg Auto Body LLC, our technicians have over 30 years of auto body experience trained and can ensure that your car looks great for years.

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